Remember those nights
on skype
no fights
just the manipulation of time
because with you and I it didn’t exist?
Remember all the things we didn’t cry about,
the laughs we laughed out loud
those joyful moments when we you and I were soaring through the clouds?
Remember the sappy thoughts we thought
and the corny jokes that we bought
not because the price was so low but
because the feelings were so high and
not because we despised what made sense but because
the joy that we thought was past tense had now caught up…to the present.
Remember what you mean to me
as an individual see you’re not a material thing
and your soul is eternal and
your heart can be used for much more than that of this world
so remember…please remember
what my faulty mind forgets
what the test of time lets slip
remember…peace is never too far away
Everyday was created to be a good day
and beauty will never be something that the human mind can ascertain.
Remember that I’m in college now
and things are different somehow
but they stayed the same in our minds because
we hold on to those times when
there was no sense of obligation
regret, complications or even..time.
Remember what is timeless.
Remember what faith is.
Remember why I wrote this.